Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Fri Apr 2 01:34:02 PST 1999

Those of you who have been working on Kaffe for a long time may
remember the Kore project.  Kore is a free implementation of the
standard Java libraries.  Glynn Clements and George Harrison wrote
most of it.  I hacked together some support for Kaffe to use it.

So, my local Kaffe v0.9.2-based JVM supports Kore (JDK version 1.0.2).
I'm curious if anyone thinks it might be useful to "port" Kore to the
current Kaffe.  Before you say "why bother?!", I've got a good reason
for suggesting it: It will make my life easier if/when I decide to
port my VM enhancements to a current Kaffe.  My VM makes host of
changes to the standard libraries (under the covers) and currently
requires some of the Kore features.

Would any current Kaffe user have a use for a really small (150+
classes, w/o AWT) core class library?  For a JDK 1.0.2-only library?
For a core class library that has a really small and well defined
interface between Java and native code?  Let me know, if so!


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