FYI: kaffe fails to compile

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sun Apr 11 13:16:28 PDT 1999

On Apr 11, 1999, Godmar Back <gback at> wrote:

> My experience is that is does not compile with egcs.

Actually, it doesn't compile with a broken glibc that uses invalid asm
statements in optimized macros for ANSI-C Standard functions.  Older
gcc's used to silently generate bad code; egcs now emits error and
refuses to compile them.  The problems are fixed in recent releases of
glibc, but there are still some old versions around.

> This needs to be fixed in Kaffe.

I don't think so, unless we're talking about different things.  I've
been compiling Kaffe with egcs for quite a long time, and it has never 
been a problem for me.

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