FYI: kaffe fails to compile

Godmar Back gback at
Sun Apr 11 15:20:58 PDT 1999

> On Sun, Apr 11, 1999 at 11:11:44AM -0600, Godmar Back wrote:
> > your subject says that Kaffe fails to compile, but your mail seems to
> > indicate it compiles, but doesn't run?  I'm confused.
> > If it doesn't compile, you should post the error you're getting and
> > the configure options you used.
> My fault.  Kaffe compiles fine but gives me the results mentioned
> -- either hogging up CPU or segfaulting -- when i try to compile
> even simple java programs.

If it segfaults, please submit a backtrace like so:

setenv KAFFE_DEBUG gdb
kaffe <your application>
in gdb, type > run
in gdb, type > bt

Also, I'd like to point people at the bug database at

	- Godmar

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