no more gif problem + nice surprise

Maksim Lin maksim at
Thu Apr 15 21:48:43 PDT 1999

Well I'm not sure what I did (all I did was delete a few symlinks and
put them back again) but gifs are now working fine with beta4, though
the Kaffe exe still reports that it's linked to both v4 & v3 of
I think the previous trouble must of been to do with the way the
symlinks point to my libs (BTW this is a redhat 5 glibc sys).  Having
read up on this in Linux Application Development I'm still not clear as
to if it's ok for one program to link to 2 versions of the same shared
lib, anyone know about this ?

On a happy note, I've discovered that a previous problem with kaffe not
implenting bundles fully appears to have been fixed, so my dogui
( based app runs nicely now - many
thanks to whoever did this.

Remember Darwin; building a better mousetrap merely results in smarter

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