Null pointer checks

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Mon Apr 19 05:34:05 PDT 1999

In article <199904192019.OAA25398 at> you wrote:
>When I fixed Kaffe's jit to properly spill registers, I did some 
>measurements and found that the number of spills did not increase 
>significantly.   This is for two reasons: for one, Kaffe already
>spills so liberally it's a pain.  But secondly and more importantly, keep 

Hehe, yes, that could be a good reason. Maybe when the new JIT is in place
we can think of this again.

>in mind that you only need to spill register if you're in a try block to 
>which a catch clause exists that catches NullPointerExceptions.  There 
>is no need to spill anything if you don't have to restore them.

Ah, yes that's right. Didn't think of that.

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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