Maximum socket connections (fwd)

Michael A Hamblin michaelh at
Mon Apr 26 12:04:11 PDT 1999


I am working with a person who is trying to run a program developed with
Sun's JDK under Kaffe and is having problems (see questions below). I know
almost nothing about Kaffe or Java so perhaps one of you may be able to
answer these questions. If there's anything else you need let me know.

RedHat Linux 5.2, kaffe-1.0.b2-2 (comes with RedHat), kernel 2.2.5

Thanks for the help...

Michael Hamblin  
michaelh at
UTD Linux User Group       Engineering and Computer Science Support x2997

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> On Fri, 23 Apr 1999, Nathanael P Altice wrote:
> > My chatroom works well, and I really appreciate your help.  The only
> > glitch is a bad file descriptor error every once in a while at random
> > times.  I was wondering what the maximum number of connections for a
> > socket is and also what causes it to destroy the socket (ie. what will
> > cause it to get rid of the server socket file descriptor?)  I'm wondering
> > if some of these things are causing my bad file descriptor error.  I
> > appreciate any information that you can give.  Thanks.

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