Libtool problems with Kaffe B4 and Cygnus WIN32

Adam Messer amesser at
Mon Apr 26 11:04:35 PDT 1999

Hello Pavel,

	I have been using the solution that Alexandre Oliva gave me,
it seemed to solve all my build problems except one. The suggestion he
me was to use the following command line for configure: configure
The only other problem I had was easy to solve. It appears that the
latest Cygwin
beta reports itself as just 'cygwin', and Kaffe only knows 'cygwin32'.
The solution
that was suggested was to create a softlink of 'cygwin --> cygwin32'.
the fixes to these two issues,  I can do a complete build with no
problems. I wanted
to take a moment here to thank all of you for all your help!

Thanks again,
Adam Messer

>>> Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin at> 04/26/99 10:45AM >>>

> Anyway, here is a patch which links all the .o files needed by
> old_archive_cmds to .lo files if the .o files were never built.  It
allows the
> kaffe build on cygwin to get much further.  It falls down for me when
it tries
> to load the sysv shm and  ipc headers (sys/shm.h and sys/ipc.h) which
> exist on vanilla cygwin =(O|

Patch attached. There are still some problems with ICQJava, but
this is not very useful under Windows anyway :-)
All AWT tests work.

I've tested this patch on Linux too, both with enabled and disabled
on local and remote X-Servers. No problems.

Pavel Roskin

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