Libtool problems with Kaffe B4 and Cygnus WIN32

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Tue Apr 27 03:50:00 PDT 1999

On Apr 26, 1999, Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin at> wrote:

>> It falls down for me when it tries to load the sysv shm and ipc
>> headers (sys/shm.h and sys/ipc.h) which don't exist on vanilla
>> cygwin =(O|

> Patch attached.

Thanks.  I installed a slightly modified version of it:

>    AC_CHECK_LIBRARY(Xext,XShmQueryExtension,X_PRE_LIBS)

This will define HAVE_LIBXEXT if it finds the function, so we don't
need this:

> +  if test x"$ac_cv_lib_Xext_XShmQueryExtension" = x"yes"; then
> +    AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SHM, 1, [Define to support X shared memory extension])
> +  fi

after replacing HAVE_SHM with HAVE_LIBXEXT in the rest of your patch.

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