Binary-Version for Win32

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Mon Aug 16 07:19:00 PDT 1999


    I have used it. Generally speaking the Windows version is close to as
fast and maybe just a little bit less stable. This said and done it still is
pretty good. I only used 1.0b4 for a bit on this platform and it worked
pretty evenly with a Linux compile, however I have noticed that in the daily
snapshots thing sometimes get a little flaky( I.E. things that are working
in Linux do not work in Windows), but hey, they are snaps and it is Windows.
However they do seem to get resolved on their own every couple of days. I
say give it a whirl, you do not have much to lose, and it is always nice to
use cygwin every once in a while.


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> Hi!
> Does anyone out there have some experiences in using Kaffe in a WinNT/9x
> environment? (Speed, reliability, ...)
> Is such a Windows version available anywhere?
> Ciao,
>      Alex

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