Still trying Kaffe/CYGWIN32--next problem: ";;" unexpected

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Tue Aug 17 04:11:28 PDT 1999

On Jul 15, 1999, Phil Kelly <pwkelly at> wrote:

> It turned out that the CLASSPATH on the machine in question was set
> and had a ; at the end of it!

This was not the root of the problem.

> (the eval line in the TestScript under the compile subroutine was
> probably generating the error).

Precisely.  The classpath had to be quoted, to prevent semicolons from
being interpreted as command separators.  I'm installing a fix for
this problem right now.

> Now Kaffe.jar and pizza.jar apparently have syntax errors in them
> when running make check (something about & unexpected and )

Because of the misinterpreted semicolons, it was trying to run the
.jar files as if they were shell-scripts, which obviously doesn't

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