Compiling Kaffe 1.0b4 on Win96/CYGWIN/ make check fails

Phil Kelly pwkelly at
Tue Aug 17 12:16:07 PDT 1999

Could the line end problem also be what Jim Hopper was seeing the other day on Powerpc?  I'm not sure what type of line-ends it produces, but at one point he said:

"jim hopper on Fri, 13 Aug 1999 was captured by our super secret microphone saying":
>Now i really have a mystery. when i do make check i get like
>but if i look in at end where it gives expected 
>results and compare it with whats in HelloWorldApp.out expected 
>results match actual results, but for some reason it being shown as 
>failed. i looked at the first six or so and all seem to pass when 
>you look at the *.out files. to weird! Perhaps this port is in better 
>shape than i though. perhaps i need a newer make or something, i 
>will download make from gnu site and build it.>

So, maybe the output of the script and the "sed'ing" need to both have
their line-ends stripped before comparison?

"Earlier today Alexandre Oliva wrote":
> On Jul 13, 1999, Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin at> wrote:
> > I've attached a patch which fixes it.
> I couldn't find any patch, but I worked it out anyway.
> > Now HelloWorldApp can be compiled and run. However, its output contains
> > dos-style line ends, while the expected output (produced by sed) is in
> > unix style.
> > Thus, "cmp" finds the difference and the test fails.
> Yup.  I found out filtering the program output through `grep .', that
> removes `\r's.
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