Cross-Compiling Kaffe to ERC32

Archie Cobbs archie at
Wed Aug 18 18:10:35 PDT 1999

Oscar Martinez de la Torre writes:
> I would like to port Kaffe to SPARC microprocessor in its space version:
> ERC32. I have a cross-compiler.
> And I have standard header files float.h, limits.h stdarg.h stddef.h as
> defined by ANSI C. And the remaining standard header files ctype.h
> signal.h stdio.h string.h are also supported, buy only to the extent
> that makes sense for a program running on an embedded target computer
> It means that the only files available are the three standard files:
> stdin, stdout and stderr. 
> It's the problem with fopen (also dlopen)
> ./libltdl/ltdl.c
> /* fopen() mode flags for reading a text file */
>                         FILE *file = fopen(filename,
>                 file = fopen(filename, LTDL_READTEXT_MODE);
> ./kaffe/kaffeh/main.c
>                         if ((fp = fopen(fileName, "w")) == NULL) {
> And I only have fgetc, fputs, getchar, ...  for stdin, stdout, stderror
> I have read that Kaffe does not need a native file systems!
> I would like to know yours ideas!

You don't have to have a filesystem, but you do have to have your
classes stored *somewhere*. So just write a "fake" fopen() routine
that accesses your "files" wherever they are stored.


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