Kaffe stack bounds checks

Chris Gray chris at kiffer.eunet.be
Tue Aug 24 13:39:06 PDT 1999

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Tim Wilkinson wrote:

> Will,
> The new JIT3 stuff (available in the CVS tree) uses a slightly different
> mechanism to check the stack bounds - it still does an explict check on
> function entry but this check is now *much* faster than before.  The
> reason for doing an explicit check rather than using the MMU to do this
> (which would indeed be faster) is largely because I'm not keen to force
> the need for an MMU (some of our targets don't have them).

There are also some serious pitfalls involved in using this with pipelined
machines -- IIRC the User Manual for the ARM processor warns against this
somewhere.  (I'm assuming you want to trap the error and raise a runtime
exception in the offending thread, not just abort the whole JVM).


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