experimental gcj support added to kaffe

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at geocities.com
Sat Dec 4 23:04:33 PST 1999


> It works fine for me on Linux both with --disable-gcj and with gcj 
> support enabled.

Could you please tell me the versions of gcc, binutils and glibc?

> Does your config.h have the symbol HAVE_GCJ_SUPPORT defined or not?


> Ideally, I don't want to compile and link eh.c if it's not defined.

And if it is defined?
There will be a the same conflict with libgcc2.a
I'm affraid it's not a solution.

> What I did is to pull the L_eh section out of libgcc2.c and stick it

I believe it should not be a problem.

> in eh.c.  I believe that even if you link with eh.o, this should
> override all symbols in it, so there shouldn't be multiply defined 
> symbols --- at least there aren't any for me.  I don't know.  Maybe
> the gcc driver you're using (or the way automake/libtool invokes it?)
> uses different switches to the linker.   Who knows.


> Note that my eh.c is from a more recent version of libgcc2.c than
> any egcs release, but that shouldn't matter.

Who knows. You may have exactly the same functions and a very forgiving

> Let me know if you find anything.  I think a quick fix may be to
> wrap eh.c in #ifdef HAVE_GCJ_SUPPORT(?), but ideally I want it and
> the other files in gcj/ out of the compilation.
> Could you try that?

It helps, but I don't think it's a solution.

> (*) Nor do I have the inclination to dig into it.   I just wish
> libtool died quickly, but once a project is part of "GNU", it'll stick
> around forever.  This would also free up resources since people like
> Alexandre could focus on more useful and promising projects.

I'm not so pessimistic.

Pavel Roskin

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