experimental gcj support added to kaffe

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sun Dec 5 11:39:51 PST 1999

 I checked in an #ifdef HAVE_GCJ_SUPPORT'ed version of eh.c, which should
fix your problems.

> > Ideally, I don't want to compile and link eh.c if it's not defined.
> And if it is defined?
> There will be a the same conflict with libgcc2.a
> I'm affraid it's not a solution.

If it is defined, eh.c will completely replace all symbols that would
otherwise have come from libgcc.a:eh.o.  You should only end up with
conflicts if you force libgcc.a to be linked in, for instance by adding
it to the cmdline.  But this would be wrong anyway; my understanding is 
that the .o modules in libgcc.a are linked like any other library.

> > Note that my eh.c is from a more recent version of libgcc2.c than
> > any egcs release, but that shouldn't matter.
> Who knows. You may have exactly the same functions and a very forgiving
> linker.

I think it's just that I have matching versions of gcc and eh.c.
I.e., I'm using the libgcc.a from which eh.c was pulled.  Conflicts
can occur if your libgcc.a:eh.o versions defines an different and
overlapping set of symbols.

	- Godmar

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