Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

Kiyo Inaba
Mon Mar 1 05:33:47 PST 1999

Hi Alexandre,

>was an overall major simplification.  But it is indeed possible that
>some new test performed by *libtool* (not automake) is causing him
>trouble.  That's why I'm asking.

While I test 1.0.b3, the world changes so dramatically. So, I
started to shift to a newer version...

For the time being, the introduction of libtool (or automake,
or any other new tools) made two problems for me.

1. Cross compilation environment does not work.
This is the biggest problem for me. Usually, I compile code
to m68k on Sparc server or pentium 'PC', but the libtooled
version confused in some sense. So for the time being, I
went back to use Sun-3/260 as development machine, and it
is (as you can imagine) very slow...

2. No docs for assembler programmer.
Since trampoline code is written in assembly language, we
have to know some details of calling sequence. When libtool
is introduced, the i386 port changes not to use pic version
of trampoline. Guessing the reason is easy, but without
documentation, I have to read sources and sources... I
don't say, 'there are not enough information', but I have
to say, 'there are more informations than I need' :-<

In my personal opinion, it is ridiculous enough that libtool
makes hidden 'KaffeS.c' even when I just say 'everything
shall be compiled with static lib'. Of course my opinion
should be biased, because my main concern is for embedded


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