Linux/m68k almost working

Malcolm Walker
Mon Mar 1 05:46:13 PST 1999

Well, after a 6 hour make marathon, kaffe (CVS circa 2-25) got built on my
Mac SE/30.  I was so excited that HelloWorldApp ran that I forgot to do
any other testing and went ahead, installed extra classes, and played.

It takes 5 minutes for pizza to compile my lab assignment!  (and after all
that, it worked!)

However, reality (?) returned and I set it onto the tests.  I had to bail
out by (as the owner of the room that the Mac lives in
wanted to sleep), but *almost* everything passed...:

Kaffe Test Failures under Linux/m68k (68030)
-------------------------------------------- : most likely because I got impatient and pressed ctrl-C      : no reason given   : no reason given (might be related to : Testscript:line 7: 3105 Illegal Instruction
                        $JAVA $*>"RESULT" 2>&1 : error compiling:
                TestScript : line 31: 3345 Illegal Instruction
                /kaffe/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe/Kaffe pizza.compiler 
                [big long $CLASSPATH...] -d

Error messages not exactly as shown, they were just written down when I
saw them.  Tomorrow I will run the test suite again (starting early
morning this time)

Further updates as events warrant.


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