JDK Demos not working ?

Thomas Funke tfunke at gmx.de
Mon Feb 1 04:25:38 PST 1999

I got the latest kaffe-release (1.0b3) running on my Linux box. When I tried the examples (demos) from Sun's JDK-1.1.3, I noticed that many examples are not working properly. Often some exceptions where caught or some other behaviour like a hanging app (no CPU used). I'm quite sure that it is not the problem of CLASSPATH or so, some (few) of the examples worked fine (using kaffe or kaffe-appletviewer).

So my question is: Is kaffe still in a premature beta stadium that even these demos are not functionating yet, or have I just overseen something ?

(My Linux runs a 2.0.36 kernel with libc5)

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