Patch to java/text/

Dirk Grunwald grunwald at
Mon Feb 1 15:22:42 PST 1999

>>>>> "MD" == Moses DeJong <dejong at> writes:
MD> I remember a lot of talk about just this sort of utility on the
MD> classpath mailing list a little while back. Perhaps it would be
MD> better to use the util they created instead of reinventing the
MD> wheel for kaffe. This util is not part of the dist and it would
MD> not involve and "cleanroom" issues so why not make use of work
MD> that has already been done.

Mainly because I didn't know about it, which is why I was mentioning
this to the whole mailing list. Thanks for the reference and I'll go
take a look.

Dirk Grunwald, visiting Compaq-WRL from Univ. of Colorado

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