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Stephen Crane jscrane at
Mon Feb 1 15:23:06 PST 1999

[It seems my From: address in previous postings was omitted (my fault) 
hope it's fixed now.]

Here is a small patch, against snap-990130, to, URL.openConnection().
According to "Java in a Nutshell" an URLConnection's set methods must be
called before URLConnection.connect() is called.  If a "connected connection"
is returned from URL.openConnection(), these become unusable.  

This patch does not affect existing applications because "other methods 
that depend on being connected will call this method [connect()]."

Steve	(jscrane at

***	Mon Feb  1 23:13:32 1999
---	Mon Feb  1 23:14:38 1999
*** 164,170 ****
  			handler = getURLStreamHandler(protocol);
  		conn = handler.openConnection(this);
- 		conn.connect();
  	return (conn);
--- 164,169 ----

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