Compiling Kaffe snapshot dd 3rd February 1999 on HP-UX

Kero van Gelder gelderk at
Wed Feb 3 09:58:08 PST 1999

Hello All!

Managed to compile the snapshot, after removing the 
 #ifndef HAVE_PRELOADED_SYMBOLS(?) & #endif
lines 91 & 94 in ltdl.c


gmake install
no problem


OK, now trying to run...

  /usr/lib/ Can't find path for shared library: libnative
  /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
  Failed to locate native library "libnative" in path:

But /home/gelderk/lib/kaffe/libnative.a does exist...

Wait a minute,, aren't these supposed to be shared libraries,
so instead of libnative.a?

So far for today,

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