[Kaffe] new stack trace patch.

Alex Nicolaou anicolao at mud.cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Feb 7 18:19:54 PST 1999

Godmar Back wrote:

> About Alex's problem: another possibility to access thread-local
> storage without adding locals would be to use java.lang.ThreadLocal.
> That's a bit expensive, but it's for debugging only anyway.

Parsing the stack trace isn't too cheap either :-P

We were using 1.1.5 so java.lang.ThreadLocal didn't exist, but even if
it did I can't see how to use it without introducing local variables -
consider a recursive function. We were also against introducing class
variables although a few statics here and there would perhaps be a small
price to pay for the extra assertion checks. Thanks for pointing me at a
class that I didn't even know existed, though!


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