[Kaffe] can the classpath project be used with Kaffe.

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue Feb 9 22:26:10 PST 1999

> Godmar Back wrote:
> > So, I would agree that Japhar does indeed serve a different need than
> > Kaffe, but this is not true for classpath and kaffe's libs, assuming that
> > the copyright is amended to exclude the (unlikely) scenario I described
> > above.
> The (admittedly unlikely) scenario is not the only one that
> distinguishes Classpath from Kaffe's Libs. Just as Transvirtual wishes
> to stop use of the Kaffe VM code in competing proprietary commercial
> VMs, the GPL on the Kaffe libs mean that the Kaffe lib can't be used as
> part of a competing proprietary runtime. So by the same logic that you
> conclude that Japhar and Kaffe server a different need, you must also
> conclude that Classpath and Kaffe's libs serve a different need, since
> Classpath can be used in a commercial Java runtime.

Are you sure?
I can take pieces of classpath, add my own stuff and sell it as proprietary
software without releasing the source code to the pieces I added?
Then what's the "GPL" in "LGPL" for?

I still don't see the difference:  everything that's added to both 
classpath's and kaffe's libs would be contaminated (though RMS doesn't
like that term) and the source to it would have to be released if someone
wished to distribute it, for monetary reasons or not.

Both classpath and kaffe's libs can run proprietary Java applications without
requiring their developers to release the source code.
What am I missing?

	- Godmar

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