[Kaffe] can the classpath project be used with Kaffe.

Alex Nicolaou anicolao at mud.cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 9 23:23:59 PST 1999

Moses DeJong wrote:
> "linking" terminology in the GPL. I am facing this situation right
> now as I am currently working on a replacement for the
> sun.tools.jar.Main program that I would like see added to both the
> Kaffe and Classpath projects.

You're safe. Contribute it to the Classpath project, then import it into
Kaffe. The LGPL that it is under as part of Classpath allows you to
convert it to GPL when you bring it under the Kaffe umbrella. Don't
contribute it the other way around - the licensing does not allow you to
convert GPL to LGPL.

Of course to give it to the Classpath people you have to assign the
copyright to the FSF so that they can sue you or anyone else if they
don't follow the license. You also have to meet Classpath's rather
stringent requirements for being a "clean" contributor, which might be
hard since you know the classname you are replacing (sun.tools.jar.Main)
which you are unlikely to have discovered without either licensing code
from Sun or violating their license, or reading material by someone who
has done one or both of those. Check it out with the Classpath people.


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