[Kaffe] can the classpath project be used with Kaffe.

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Wed Feb 10 00:14:09 PST 1999

On Feb 10, 1999, Godmar Back <gback at cs.utah.edu> wrote:

>> Moses DeJong wrote:
>> > now as I am currently working on a replacement for the
>> > sun.tools.jar.Main program that I would like see added to both the
>> > Kaffe and Classpath projects.

> No such restrictions exists when you contribute to kaffe, because as 
> Tim pointed out Kaffe does not require copyright assignments.

> So you better contribute to Kaffe first, then you can sign your 
> copyright away ;-)

Yep, that's a very good idea :-)

The worst that can happen is that Classpath won't accept it, or Kaffe
has to drop it.

> I do not think that kaffe's cleanroom requirements are less stringent
> than classpath's.  I don't think knowing sun.tools.jar means anything.

It means it's implemented by sun, we shouldn't be implementing it.
kaffe.tools.jar or gnu.tools.jar would be better.

> You must not look at Sun's code when working on Kaffe/classpath, but you 
> don't have to leave this planet.  


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