[Kaffe] problem while runing any java program on SUN / Solaris 2 .5.1

Michael Thies mthies at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Feb 10 08:24:30 PST 1999

Philippe Emeriau wrote:
> Hey, you're more lucky than me ...
> Even with GNU tar, I still have the same errors !
> Even worse, for each file where I have an error during the unpacking
> process, I have tried to create an empty one, but the error is still there
> ..
> Am I alone with this kind of problem ???

Some directories inside the daily snapshot have strange permissions, which
prevent tar to write into the very directories it just created itself.

I use something like this to unpack the snapshots:

gzcat kaffe-snap.tar.gz | pax -r

/bin/pax (on a standard installation of Solaris 2.5 on SPARC)
supports several different archive formats (including tar) and
by default ignores the permissions stored in the archive when
extracting items from it.

Hope this helps.
Michael Thies

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