[Kaffe] can the classpath project be used with Kaffe.

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Thu Feb 11 09:06:50 PST 1999

On Feb 11, 1999, Tony Kimball <alk at pobox.com> wrote:

> Quoth Alex Nicolaou on Wed, 10 February:
> : You're safe. Contribute it to the Classpath project, then import it into
> : Kaffe. The LGPL that it is under as part of Classpath allows you to
> : convert it to GPL when you bring it under the Kaffe umbrella. Don't
> : contribute it the other way around - the licensing does not allow you to
> : convert GPL to LGPL.

> A propos this quote, I would observe that the owner of the copyright
> can release the code under BSD, GPL, LGPL, and commercial licensing
> terms simultaneously, if they so desire.

Yep, but Classpath will only accept a piece of code if you assign its
copyright to the FSF.  It's not clear to me what happens if the code
had already been released under another more liberal license, or if
the author can still release the code under another license.

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