[kaffe] native threads

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Fri Feb 12 03:23:56 PST 1999

On Feb 12, 1999, "Enno Rehling" <enno at uni-paderborn.de> wrote:

> I'm working with Kaffe under Linux/x86. I was wondering if there's
> an implementation for Kaffe's threads that uses pthreads, or if
> anyone is working on other threading systems right now.

Godmar has started working on it, check the current CVS tree,
threading system linux-threads.  But beware, it's not supposed to work

> Also, how does Kaffe perform on an SMP versus a single-processor
> machine?  The jthreads will obviously make use of only one
> processor, how do I get Kaffe to use the other ones?

Complete linux-threads :-)

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