[kaffe] native threads

alanlb at access.rrinc.com alanlb at access.rrinc.com
Fri Feb 12 07:10:08 PST 1999

| On Feb 12, 1999, "Enno Rehling" <enno at uni-paderborn.de> wrote:
| I'm working with Kaffe under Linux/x86. I was wondering if there's
| an implementation for Kaffe's threads that uses pthreads, or if
| anyone is working on other threading systems right now.

Well, if you have BeOS R4, there's the beos-native system that I've been
working on.  BeOS is a pervasively-threaded operating system
optimized for multimedia (it describes itself as a "Media OS").
See www.be.com for more details.

There are some kinks that I still have to work out, though, as described
in FAQ/FAQ.BeOS.  One glaring omission is AWT support... so far.


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