[Kaffe] question about where to put new kaffe classes?

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Fri Feb 12 14:59:14 PST 1999

Moses DeJong writes:
> I am working on an implementation of the jar program for Kaffe.
> Part of my implementation is a set of classes that extend the classes
> File, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, FileReader, and FileWriter
> classes from the java.io package. These new classes work just like
> the files they extend except that they will work with both unix
> style / and windows sytle \ chars in the file name. The differs
> from the java.io version which will support one or the other but
> not both. At any rate, I was planning on putting them in a package

Just curious.. why are these classes necessary?

And what happens when you have a UNIX filename with a backslash in it?

> called kaffe.tools.jar or perhaps kaffe.jar but I thought that others
> might want to use them so I was thinking they might work better
> in the kaffe.io package. Does this sound like a good idea to anyone?
> Would there be any objection to putting them in the kaffe.io pacakge?
> Also, does anyone have an opinion about putting the jar implementation
> in a new kaffe.tools.jar package vs adding them to the existing
> kaffe.jar package?

Another option would be just making them inner classes. Depends
on whether they really are 'general purpose' or not.


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