memory defragmentation

Godmar Back gback at
Mon Feb 15 18:17:44 PST 1999

> Godmar Back writes:
> > The way to implement this is to write a replacement for the kaffevm/mem
> > subdirectory.   You may be able to use or reuse all or parts of Jason's
> > recently implemented basic allocator.
> What did I implement?

Jason said that his reply wasn't supposed to go to the list, but after
reading it I realized that "basic allocator" may be how should I put it
somewhat "underspecified".

What I meant to say was that a moving collector could probably reuse
part or all of the allocator in mem/.  Plus, it may also use the existing
scheme for deciding whether a given value is a pointer to a gcable object
or just looks like one.  That's all I meant to say.

	- Godmar

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