memory defragmentation

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>> Hi,
>> 	I am thinking implementing memory defragmentation for kaffe, since kaffe
>> seems not having this feature. Could anyone suggest a better way to do it,
>> specially on updating memory address after moving blocks?
>I assume you are talking about a mostly copying compacting collector,
>is that correct?

I have not thought about any specific GC algorithm but the complexity of
updating memory reference, i.e. which data structure might be affected when
I move some objects.

>Furthermore, take a look at kaffevm/gcFuncs.c kaffevm/gc.h.  You will need
>to extend the gc interface to communicate information about the locations
>in which pointers to gcable objects are stored between the VM and gc

To be honest, I still have not figure out how memory referencing works in
kaffe. That is, when an object, say A, is accessing the object B's data,
where the object A can retrieve the address of obejct B in terms of kaffe's
data structure? 

Any help is appreciated.


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