Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Thu Feb 18 10:20:08 PST 1999

On Feb 18, 1999, Godmar Back <gback at> wrote:

>> If you really don't want to use GNU make, you may run `automake -i'
>> in the top-level directory, and you'll get portable Makefiles (but
>> without dependency tracking, which means you'll need to `make
>> clean' often)

> Now here's an alternative.  All you need to make sure now is that you have
> automake version 1.4...  Should you be using a standard Debian/Redhat
> installation, you're out of luck at this point (they're still stuck at 1.3
> or earlier); but it's of course easy to download and install.  In fact, one
> could argue it's just as easy as downloading and installing GNU make. ;-)

In fact, it's much easier, because automake is just a bunch of perl
scripts, no compilation involved.  And if you say you've only got
perl4, just get the current automake CVS tree, that has been
back-ported to perl4.

We could install portable in the CVS tree, with static
dependencies et al, at the cost of some inconvenience for us who have
write access.  What do you think?

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Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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