Automake 1.4 (was: Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k)

Raffaele Sena raff at
Thu Feb 18 10:35:19 PST 1999

> Now here's an alternative.  All you need to make sure now is that you have
> automake version 1.4...  Should you be using a standard Debian/Redhat
> installation, you're out of luck at this point (they're still stuck at 1.3
> or earlier); but it's of course easy to download and install.  In fact, one
> could argue it's just as easy as downloading and installing GNU make. ;-)
	This is completely unrelated with kaffe, but I found it quite
	funny (just to not say anything worst) and I thought I could
	share it with you :(

	I was happily running autconf/automake 1.3 until some packages
	decided they needed the 1.4 stuff.

	Ok, I have the tools under CVS so I do 'cvs update' and
	reconfigure them.

	Everything goes fine with autoconf, but when I run 'configure'
	on automake (or whatever else it was), surprise, it says I
	need automake 1.4 in order to correctly configure automake 1.4 !!!!

	I really miss the good old times when I had to tweak the makefiles
	to build packages on my machines. At least I always knew what was
	going on :(

-- Raffaele
raff at           (::) 

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