Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

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Sat Feb 20 15:29:15 PST 1999

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>On Feb 20, 1999, "Nicholai Benalal" <nicholai at> wrote:

>>> If you get to give it another try, 
>>> please post the end of the output

>> It's happening at the end of the script:

>> creating config/config.h
>> creating include/jtypes.h

>That's weird, at this point, configure has already finished its job,
>and it's only config.status that's running.  No, wait, it should be
>configuring libltdl.  Do you have a libltdl directory, by any chance
>(cvs update -d)?  Not that it should deadlock, but who knows? :-)

After some tracing I found the source of this problem. It appears that the
amiga port of sh has problems with lines such as:

echo timestamp > `echo $am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e 's%[^/]*$%%'`stamp-h$am_indx 

Apparently sh hangs when it executes the
`echo $am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e 's%[^/]*$%%'`stamp-h$am_indx 
part. However it is quite funny because my workaround:

tempvar=`echo $am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e 's%[^/]*$%%'`stamp-h$am_indx 
echo timestamp > $tempvar

works just fine.
The short term solution would be to replace all of those lines with my
patch, however I guess that the real solution would be to fix the bugs in
the sh port to handle this.

Also, I updated my autoconf and automake scripts on my Amiga to the latest
ones and they seem to work without modifications.

Another problem with my Amiga port of kaffe is that I have had to create a
completely custom libc to make sure that everything is threadsafe. Since
AmigaOS doesn't do file io via descriptors in a unix way I had to write my
own code to make sure that they are not blocking. But I guess that you
don't want to include this in the main kaffe tree ;) I'll create the
patches for the threads though so that I don't have to reaply my patches
everytime I download a new snapshot. I hope this can be of some help to the
rest of the amiga people out there.

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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