Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

Stefan Burstroem f94sbu at
Sun Feb 21 04:36:31 PST 1999

Some update on the AmigaOS configure problem.

In article <2278.721T774T292205 at> you wrote:

>After some tracing I found the source of this problem. It appears that the
>amiga port of sh has problems with lines such as:

>echo timestamp > `echo $am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e

>Apparently sh hangs when it executes the
>`echo $am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e 's%[^/]*$%%'`stamp-h$am_indx 
>part. However it is quite funny because my workaround:

>tempvar=`echo $am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e 's%[^/]*$%%'`stamp-h$am_indx 
>echo timestamp > $tempvar

>works just fine.
>The short term solution would be to replace all of those lines with my
>patch, however I guess that the real solution would be to fix the bugs in
>the sh port to handle this.

The problem seems to be caused by pdksh 4.x. The handling of piping
is quite broken. And when I installed and compiled pdksh 5.x I found out
that it doesn't suport lines like 'exec this to get the result back'
doesn't work at all. So I guess I'll get back to pdksh4.x and try to fix
the pipe bugs.

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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