Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

Godmar Back gback at
Sun Feb 21 11:40:23 PST 1999

> Another problem with my Amiga port of kaffe is that I have had to create a
> completely custom libc to make sure that everything is threadsafe. Since
> AmigaOS doesn't do file io via descriptors in a unix way I had to write my
> own code to make sure that they are not blocking. But I guess that you
> don't want to include this in the main kaffe tree ;) 

Sure, why not?
>From your description, I assume that the changes are or can be localized 
to system/amiga-threads and config/m68k/amiga.  Is that not true?
I don't see any reason why we wouldn't include them.

	- Godmar

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