Coding Style

Robert Zawiasa bozo at
Mon Feb 22 05:38:06 PST 1999

hi all submitting patches,

whay do you think, would it be nice to have a sort of Coding Style for Kaffe?

I often cannot resist adjusting the look'n'feel ;) of the code when I'm
trying to understand it during the bugfix-creation-mental-phase:

this adjustment for the 95% consists of white-space and redundant parentheses
insertion/deletion, e.g.: which is better:

void method(int i)		void method ( int i) {
}				}

if (a+1)			if (a + 1)			if ( a + 1 )

((int) value) + 1		((int)value) + 1

return value;			return (value);

return method(x);		return (method(x));

the remaining 5% inludes e.g.:

-final native static public synchronized String intern0(String str);
+public static final synchronized native String intern0(String str);

the problem is: what feels pretty for me might not feel the same for you..

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