[FIXED] garbage in error message

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Mon Feb 22 08:53:03 PST 1999


> a tiny patch: if Klasses.jar is not in the CLASSPATH, the error message
> claiming the missing essential classes contains garbage, well, it does not 
> hurt, but theoretically incorrect/ugly ;)

Your patch, when applied to the current CVS, gives this code for me:

        /* If we call out the loop then we didn't find anything */
        SET_IO_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE(einfo, IOException, "failed to locate class");
        hand.type = CP_INVALID;
        /* cut off the ".class" suffix for the exception msg */
        cname[strlen(cname) - strlen(".class")] = '\0';
        SET_LANG_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE(einfo, NoClassDefFoundError, cname);

In other words, the patch is ineffective because einfo is overwritten
two lines down the road.

Could you describe how we can reproduce the bug?  I know that 1.0b3 and
later versions had that garbage problem, but I had hoped that I had
squished it.

	- Godmar

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