Kaffe on linux/m68k

Malcolm Walker csut9832 at camosun.bc.ca
Mon Feb 22 12:54:11 PST 1999

Hi everyone...

I've got a Mac SE/30 running Debian Linux 2.0 that I'd like to run Java
on.  I've downloaded the source tree for 1.0.b3 and got it to compile
*fairly* cleanly-- there were some warnings and I had to change SP_OFFSET
from ? to 14. 

So now I have kaffe, right?  Well, almost.

The kaffe VM executes but won't run my classes (ie, HelloWorldApp--
simplest I could find)  Running Kaffe -v produces a bunch of info about
what's being loaded- after it loads Error.class the VM hangs.  When
logged into a serial console I see that my CPU is busy 100% (almost), with
half that being system usage.  Also, my swap starts to get eaten up... not
too fast, but enough to completely crash the system after a few minutes of

System summary:  Mac SE/30 (68030) with 8MB RAM, 20MB swap, 200 MB
partition.  Kaffe compiled with gcc 2.7.2.  Kernel 2.0.36.

Is there any other (simpler!) class that I can test the VM with?  I
haven't yet tried running the classes on the java VM (over on the other
machine...) so I'm not sure if it's guavac causing me grief.

Or is the SE/30 just too puny to do this?

Thanks in advance,

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