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Mon Feb 22 05:24:23 PST 1999


In article <or3e3yi8a6.fsf at> you wrote:

>That should be spelled memory_error; I'll fix it for the next time I
>update libltdl in Kaffe (which should be RSN)

Oki, so this is considered broken in the current snapshot?

>> ltdl.c: In function `dld_sym':
>> ltdl.c:457: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a
>> cast

>Just #include <dld.h> after `#if HAVE_DLD', I'll take care of the
>proper configure magic too.  Looks like nobody had ever tried libltdl
>with dld :-(

Well, the thing is that I have never seen libtool before so I don't realy
know how to configure it. Maybe you could give me some hints and pointers
so I can get it running on my Amiga here. The problem here is that the
Unix emulation software for AmigaOS doesn't support dynamic linking of 
objects. The amiga supports shared libraries, but you'd have to load and
link them yourself (it is basically relying on "jsr -offset(LibraryBase)"
calls beeing the function calls rather than being calls to stubs. So at the
time the library is loaded, all calls that are relative to the library base
are just fine.
I just tried to compile some tests using gcc -r and the exe files are
badly broken. I have no idea what libtool can do for you so if you could
give me some info I'd be very happy.

I know that there is a port of libtool for Amiga and I guess it uses the
'help from application' approach by building a linkage table table and
pointing them to stubs during linkage and then when the object is loaded,
the stubs are replaced by the actual code. That would work fine for
functions I guess, but how does it work for variables, like errno? I guess
I could also skip all of this and just do static linking, but it would be
nice to be able to do dynamic linking.

How do I configure kaffe to do pure static linkage of everything? Ie, avoid
as many problems as possible that can be caused by libtool (I assume that
static linking using libtool wont be a problem on most platforms)

Alexandre, (or anyone else) feel free to take this of this list into
private email since I guess most of it doesn't concern the rest of the
people (unless they don't mind of course ;)

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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