Latest kaffe snapshot and AmigaOS

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Tue Feb 23 12:03:39 PST 1999

On Feb 22, 1999, "Stefan Burstroem" <f94sbu at> wrote:

> Hi!
> In article <or3e3yi8a6.fsf at> you wrote:

>> That should be spelled memory_error; I'll fix it for the next time I
>> update libltdl in Kaffe (which should be RSN)

> Oki, so this is considered broken in the current snapshot?

Not any more :-)

> I just tried to compile some tests using gcc -r and the exe files are
> badly broken. I have no idea what libtool can do for you so if you could
> give me some info I'd be very happy.

libtool should be able to build shared libraries without any special
flag such as `-r', it should figure out what to do by itself.  I don't 
know what `-r' means, so maybe it is interacting negatively with
libtool's code.

> I know that there is a port of libtool for Amiga and I guess it uses the
> 'help from application' approach by building a linkage table table and

Nope, libtool uses this approach only for emulating dlopening of
modules that it can't create as shared libraries.

> I guess I could also skip all of this and just do static linking,
> but it would be nice to be able to do dynamic linking.


> How do I configure kaffe to do pure static linkage of everything?

make distclean; configure --disable-shared

> Ie, avoid as many problems as possible that can be caused by libtool
> (I assume that static linking using libtool wont be a problem on
> most platforms)


> Alexandre, (or anyone else) feel free to take this of this list into
> private email since I guess most of it doesn't concern the rest of the
> people (unless they don't mind of course ;)

I'll move the discussion about libtool and Amiga into the libtool
mailing list, in my next reply.

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