compiling under Linux/m68k

Malcolm Walker csut9832 at
Wed Feb 24 09:21:03 PST 1999

OK kids, I've managed to get a more recent version of the sources (tho
with all this "applied-patch-traffic", methinks I should do it again) and
./configure ran without a hitch.

However, make gets errors on ObjectStreamClassImpl.c; first there are
warnings that certain .h files (java_io_ObjectInputStream.h) have got
"garbage at end of #infdef argument", then a whole slew of bad pointer

I looked at the offending .h files and it seems that the machine has
incorrectly constructed them.  the #ifndef statement has got the string
"stamp-h0" in is, so that the compiler sees:

#ifndef _Included_stamp-h0java_io_ObjectInputStream.h

I'm guessing that "stamp-h0" is not supposed to be there.  How do I tell
the machine to put the proper stamp in there?  (Or is it supposed to be

If this has been fixed already, apologies in advance, and I'll get another
snapshot tonight ;-)


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