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Stefan Burstroem f94sbu at efd.lth.se
Thu Feb 25 06:26:46 PST 1999

In article <199902251201.NAA22542 at kay.pu.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de> you wrote:
>Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>>`java' is not a keyword, `class' is.  Nevertheless, this is all
>>irrelevant: the question is whether `class' and `java' are valid class 
>>names in terms of bytecode, not in terms of Java source.

>Hi there,

>Using the given example (and the 'class'-version):
>  public class java {
>    public static void main(String[] argv) {
>      System.out.println("java ran");
>    }
>  }

It doesn't really matter what names are valid or not in bytecode since the
VM never has time to to language checking on execution. It wouldn't make
sence either. You can have variables named this, while etc. in your
bytecode but you'd have a hard time getting them there. But the VM couldn't
care less about it. So whatever the VM's out there does doesn't matter. It
is what the JLS sais (or is supposed to say ;) that matters.

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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