Trampoline in m68k (Compiling Kaffe under NetBSD 1.3.3/m68k/amiga)

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Sat Feb 27 23:44:24 PST 1999

There are several reports saying the current version of kaffe does
not work for m68k platforms. And I think I found the reason...

Please have '--with-staticvm' when you configure kaffe on m68k's.
The reason is when I first make the trampoline code (which is
in config/m68k/trampolines.c), I did not have exact idea how
the trampoline codes differ between shared and static libraries,
and decided only implement trampoline code for NO_SHARED_VMLIBRARY.

But on the other hand I forgot to specify this port only works
with jit against staticvm in config.frag, and it introduced so
many confusions.

I'm now trying to configure/make kaffe-snap (1999/2/27), on
m68k/netbsd1.3.1/sun with
	--with-staticlib --with-staticvm
	--with-engine=jit --with-threads=unix-jthreads --without-x
configuration options and I hope I can report you 'it works fine'
in another several hours (well, Sun-3/260 is a very SLOOOOW machine,
compared with Pentium-266).

# Even 1.0.b3 will be ok with similar idea.

Later I will make a patch for config.frag to determine whether
a configuration is adequate to m68k or not. Of course I know
it is much better to provide both versions of trampoline for
shared and static lib, but it may take longer time :-)

# Integration between linux/netbsd environment has higher priority.

And also, please specify exactly which OS (with version) you
are using, and configuration options, when you report bug related
to m68k architecture.

Sorry for your inconvenience.


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