NO_SHARED_VMLIBRARY (was: Trampoline in m68k)

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Sun Feb 28 07:37:38 PST 1999

Still, I don't understand newly introduced libtool environment...

In old (say, 1.0.b3) release, 'config/i386/trampolines.c' has two
trampoline codes one for shared and the other one for static lib,
and two codes are ifdefed based on the compile time def (NO_SHARED_VMLIBRARY).
But in newer (say 1999/2/27 snap) release, the code is modified
not to use shared version.

I guess this change comes from the introduction of libtool but not
so sure. Anyone has clear idea of why it happens?

Going back to the m68k/netbsd1.3.1 issue, when I made modification to
'config/m68k/trampolines.c' as the patch attached, the test script
starts to work. At least, HelloWorldApp.class can be executed.
But when this test script fails for compiling, and the error is
	assertion "cc != 0" failed: file "../../../kaffe-snap/kaffe/kaffevm/support.c", line 169

This assertion fail means lookupClass fail at some point. But the
core file I get by this assertion fail is not accepted by gdb, and
I can get backtrace of it...


<<< patch for trampoline code attached.>>>
diff -cr kaffe-snap/config/m68k/trampolines.c /tmp/kaffe-snap/config/m68k/trampolines.c
*** kaffe-snap/config/m68k/trampolines.c        Thu Aug 20 09:50:13 1998
--- /tmp/kaffe-snap/config/m68k/trampolines.c   Sun Feb 28 23:32:54 1999
*** 33,40 ****

- #if defined(NO_SHARED_VMLIBRARY)
          START_ASM_FUNC() C_FUNC_NAME(m68k_do_fixup_trampoline) "\n"
  C_FUNC_NAME(m68k_do_fixup_trampoline) ":                        \n
--- 33,38 ----
*** 44,51 ****
          jmp     a0@"
- #else
- #endif

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