is this how kaffeh is supposed to work?

Godmar Back gback at
Sat Jan 30 19:40:43 PST 1999

> The generated code is almost the same except that kaffe
> does not use the JNIEXPORT defines. Is there some
> reason that the kaffeh program does not used the
> JNIEXPORT defines? I remember seeing "#define JNIEXPORT "
> in the kaffe sources. I thought JNIEXPORT was used for
> something. Why doesn't kaffeh use them like the Sun JVM?

 Sun uses them because JNIEXPORT and JNICALL are significantly
different on windows compared to Unix.  You're right, it should use JNIEXPORT.
Kaffe so far has only been developed and tested on Unix and Unix-like 
systems, which is why this wasn't an issue yet.

If you have patches to kaffeh that would fix that, feel free to
send them.

	- Godmar

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