[Kaffe] bug in javac! (it ignores the -classpath argument)

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue Jan 5 23:06:11 PST 1999

> Why exactly is this "correct".

Cause it's what Sun does.
Kaffe's javac should behave exactly the same way as Sun's.

Sun's VM when running sun.tools.javac.Main won't ignore CLASSPATH 
if you say "javac -classpath ..." when deciding from where to read
its own classes, and neither will kaffe.

Sun's sun.tools.javac.Main will ignore the CLASSPATH env variable
when invoked with "javac -classpath ..." when deciding from where
to read .class files needed for compilation, and it does so even
when started from kaffe's javac cause we pass the -classpath arg on.

I think that pizza.compiler.Main (if you're using pizza, see sun-compat
option) behaves the same way as sun.tools.javac.Main with regards to 
the -classpath argument.  You may want to consult the pizza FAQ, 
however, to make sure.

In other words, you shouldn't experience any differences.

	- Godmar

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