Running Kaffe on WindowsNT

John Berg John.Berg at
Mon Jan 4 15:48:57 PST 1999

Hello all,

I'm new to this list - and really to Java also.  This spring I'm taking a
class which will instrument the Kaffe virtual machine, look at some of the
memory management it does, and compare that to some of the different caches

At school the source code is loaded to the computer system which is UNIX
based.  However it would be much more convenient for me to be able run this
on my computer at work which runs WindowsNT.  

Now for some questions:
1. Has anyone done this and how?  What compilers, what are the problems,
etc.  I can get access to a Microsoft C++ compiler and that would be the
easiest for me but before I go ahead and spend some time doing it I'd like
to know if it's worth the effort.  The class is a semester long and I work
days so I'd rather not spend a month worth of weekends or nights just
getting to build and run.  I looked at the archive of email and saw some
threads about something similar but seems there were a lot of problems.

2. Can anyone provide me any other websites\information about the Kaffe
virtual machine beside the home page?  I'll be reading most of this in the
next couple days so this may provide enough info but thought if someone
knows of a good site I'd appreciate it.


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