PrintStream.print(char) failure under RedHat 5.0

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Tue Jan 5 02:49:55 PST 1999

David Jones wrote:

> I have noticed that Kaffe does not flush buffered streams upon program
> termination (in contrast to C stdio).  As far as I can tell, the specs do not
> direct the class library to flush buffered streams on close, or at program
> termination (and arranging for flush at termination seems to be tedious, if
> not impossible).
> Perhaps the JDK is gratuitously flushing on termination.  How nice of it.

Not it isn't, at least in case of files.
I suppose that System.runFinalizersOnExit(true) should help here - if it
doesn't it will be probably a bug.


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